A Queen's Discovery

This year’s gala feature will be a short documentary called “A Queen’s
Discovery: A Young Girl’s African Journey To Find Her Greatness Within”.
The film follows this year’s LEAP mission and the perspective of 16-year-old Nzinga Anasa Braswell.

Her journey was the first to the country of Africa and she gives a unique comparison between her black American experience as a youth and what she discovered in Africa. 

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About Fathers Incorporated

Fathers Incorporated (FI) is a not-for-profit organization which serves as a leader in the promotion of Responsible Fatherhood and Mentoring. Our International, National and local focus raises the awareness about, and combat the impact of father absence.

We do this through the use of innovation social marketing and multimedia platforms, traditional communications and product development.


Throughout the country; organizations are focusing on the issue of absentee fathers and its disturbing effects and statistics. Fathers Incorporated recognizes the need to reaffirm an understanding of the benefit of fathers to the family.


Though to do so our main focus will be on the development of fathers, we recognize that there is also a need for maternal involvement and development specifically as those things intersect around parental responsibility.


Unwed men who are struggling with life invariably and frequently negatively impact all who give care and direction to their children. When fathers and mothers cannot work things out amicably and civilly, often one or both, abdicates their responsibility as parent. Individuals, generations, and the society as a whole, feels the impact of this abdication.